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Troubleshooting and Tuning Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scans

Get the Most Out of Your Web Vulnerability Scans

Setting up and properly configuring your web scanning tools doesn’t have to be some big, daunting task. Taking time to understand how the scanning process works and what to actually scan for can save a lot of time and hassle. At Acunetix, our trained and certified engineers can help you get the most out of your scans.

Understanding Troubleshooting and Tuning Helps:

Decrease scan times

Improve overall scan efficiency and results

Configure scans for specific queries

Set up the HTTP Sniffer to build a better Crawl

Your Website and Company Are Unique

Websites and applications differ greatly from one another, so a one-size-fits-all approach to web scanning and security isn’t going to accomplish much. In all likelihood, it may have the exact opposite effect of what was intended. Because your company and website are unique, you need a solution that will tighten up your network and web security and keep it protected.

Training on the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Include:

  • Understanding crawl and vulnerability scanning results
  • How to make appropriate scan configuration changes
  • Utilizing the HTTP Sniffer to build a better crawl
  • Strategies for logging and comparing results

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