HP Factory Refurbished Desktop PC’s have been restored to original hardware specifications by HP certified technicians and are sourced from cancelled or duplicated orders, customer returns (often unopened or “no trouble found”), overstocks and demo pool. All these HP Desktops and products are factory sealed and come with a 1 year HP factory warranty. Save 25-50% through this program. We ship anywhere in the USA!

Alliance carries the entire HP Commercial Desktop PC line including the HP EliteDesk 800, ProDesk 400, and ProDesk 600.

Save 25-50% through this program

HP Refurbished Business Class PCs

  • Expandable Desktop PC
  • HP Client Security
  • Small Form Factor or Tower
  • Productivity & manageability in one
  • Speedy & Responsive
  • Tower, SFF, or Ultra-Slim
  • Simplified Management
  • New Enterprise-Class Design
  • Save Energy, Integrated Security

  • Space Saving and Stylish
  • Optional Touch-Screen
  • Business-Class Performance
  • Easy Setup, Simple Management
  • Factory Sealed/1yr HP Warranty
  • Streamlined Design
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HP Renew Program
HP Renew Program
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Part Numbers commonly in stock through the HP Remarketing Program – B5N11UT, B5N05UT, B5N03UT, B5N00UT, B5N09UT, B5N02UT, B5N04UT, B5N01UT, B5N10UT, B5N08UT, A7K41UT, A2W61UT, B2C78UT, A7L16UT, A7K40UT, A2W60UT, A2W58UT, A2W62UT, C1E57UT, B5P90UT, B5Q07UT, B5Q05UT, B5Q08UT, QZ219AV, B5Q06UT, B2C98UT, B2D12UT, B2D11UT, B2D02UT, B2D01UT, B2D00UT, B2D06UT, B2D03UT, B2D13UT, B2C97UT, A7L21UT, QS101AV, XZ897UT, B5P47UT, B8U54UT, B5P45UT, B5P44UT, XZ903UT, XZ901UT, A7L19UT, A7L20UT, B2A27UT, XZ933UT, C9H33UT, C9H27UT, C9H26UT, C9H21UT, C9H14UT.  All systems are Factory Refurbished by HP and Carry a 1 year warranty.