HP Renew Program – Affordable PCs, Workstations, Laptops and Servers

The HP Renew Program offers the hardware you need, at a price that works with your IT budget.


HP is a global leader in commercial personal computer sales, and for good reason – they make the most innovative and reliable PC’s on the market.

Quality and innovation do come with a price tag though. The good news is, they also offer factory refurbished hardware through the HP Renew Program as well at a great discount.

This program allows businesses with more limited IT budgets to still source the hardware they need.

Don’t let limited funds keep you from acquiring the tools that will help you and your staff get your work done – find what you need through the HP Renew Program. All products have been refurbished to confirm that they can deliver the standard of quality expected of new HP hardware.

Factory Refurbished HP Desktop PCs

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that have everyday computing needs, these HP Desktop PCs are reliable and user-friendly.

Factory Refurbished HP Workstations

Designed with more intensive computing needs in mind, HP Workstations are capable of running your specialized software and line of business applications as needed.

Factory Refurbished HP Laptops

HP laptops will keep you and your staff mobile without significantly limiting the computing resources available to you.

HPE Renew Server Quote

For larger organizations and enterprises looking to build a robust infrastructure, there’s no better place to start than with refurbished HPE server hardware. These servers provide the computing power needed for the foundation of your IT environment, without breaking the bank.

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