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Take Advantage of all Acunetix Version 10 Has to Offer

Added Security Tools and Flexibility

Keeping your website and business secure just got easier with Acunetix 10. The added features and tools provided in version 10 of Acunetix’s web vulnerability scanning software goes the extra mile for organizations. Take your web security to the next level. Work with Alliance Technology Partners’ Acunetix trained engineers to take advantage of it all.

New or Enhanced Features of Acunetix Version 10 Include:

Login Sequence Recorder

Support and tools for Single-Sign-On and OAuth-based authentication

Database of 1,200 WordPress-specific vulnerabilities

Automatic detection of malware and phishing attacks

Take Advantage of the Improved Security Features

Nothing is more important to a company than ensuring proprietary information and customer and employee data are secure. By targeting your website and web-based applications would-be attackers cause: loss of time, revenue, and data. You no longer have to be reactive in your security efforts. Be proactive with Acunetix 10.

Security Benefits of Working With Alliance and Using Acunetix Version 10:

  • Improved scanning of Java / J2EE web applications
  • Improved scanning of RESTful Web Services
  • Improved scanning of web applications implemented with Ruby on Rails
  • Detection of XML External Entity (XXE) via REST APIs

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What’s New in Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 10

Take a more detailed look into what these latest features and updates to Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner have to offer. These features can now do much more to enhance your organization’s network and web security than what you may currently have in place.
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