Everyone is moving to virtualization, and who blames them? Virtualization has been saving SMBs significant amounts of money over the past few years. Have you made the move yet? If not, here are some reasons that may motivate you and protect your wallet in the future. Server Consolidation Most servers are highly underutilized without virtualization.

Virtualization is everywhere now and for good reason. Every day, more businesses are moving to virtualization and are saving money and time, as well as ensuring a more stable business in the process. But how? Faster Server Provisioning Through virtualization, it’s trivial to create new instances on the fly. You’ll no longer have to spend

  One of the best things about the virtualization of businesses is the fact that businesses of all sizes and operations have access to the systems and support that large scale companies benefit from. Server virtualization is a technology that helps your business save money and increase IT efficiency.   What is Virtualization? Any business

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