HP has an outstanding new Renew Program that involves customers getting great deals, while helping the environment. Consumers will receive big discounts on up-to-date technology that has been refurbished by HP, and all come with original warranties. The items go through a refurbishment process that consists of nine-steps. Only products that have been through this

New HP Renew Inventory – All systems are factory sealed/refurbished with 1 year HP Warranty. 677920R-999-FQDP HP FACTORY RECERTIFIED HP COMPAQ 6300 PRO BUSINESS PC AIO/180W INTEL:I3-3225/CI3-3.30G 6GB/2-DIMM 128GB/SSD NO-OPTICAL GBE TPM INTEL-HD4000/IGP 21.5FHD W/ SPEAKERS (NO-I/O DOOR) W7P-64 1YR 15 $       645.00 677920R-999-FQDV HP FACTORY RECERTIFIED HP COMPAQ 6300 PRO BUSINESS PC

These SKU’s are drastically discounted while supplies last.  Save up to 75%.  Call 888-891-8885 option 1 JG639A – Call for Price HP 20G Unified Wired-WLAN Module Expansion module – 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n – for HP 10504, 10508, 10508-V, 10512, 7506, A10504, A10508, A10508-V J9302A – Call for Price HP 10-GbE Direct Attach Cable Network

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