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Prevent SQL Injection from Hijacking Web Apps – Acunetix

Acunetix Prevents SQL Injections from
Hijacking Web Apps

SQL Injection attacks are on the hunt for valuable web app data.

A Single SQL Injection Attack Can Permanently Ruin Your Database

Many companies use large databases to house their organizations critical and personal data. Hackers are targeting little known vulnerabilities in these databases to inject malicious code designed specifically to take control of your data and hurt your company’s integrity. An attacker can use a SQL injection to bypass application authentication and authorization methods and exploit vulnerabilities in your network. Because SQL injections work directly within the database, they are often used to attack servers normally protected behind firewalls.

A SQL Injection Attack Can Be Used To:

Specific Users

Bypass authentication
and authorization

Add, modify, or delete database records to cause integrity and reputation issues with one complete scan

Void transactions, alter balances, and destroy other records

Cause significant downtime while data is being restored

Alliance Helps Prevent SQL Injection Attacks with Acunetix

With the use of Acunetix, Alliance Technology Partners can help take web vulnerabilities out of the equation. Alliance uses a robust web and network vulnerabilities scanner to pinpoint areas in your network that are left open to a SQL injection or other malicious attack. What’s more, they can help train your staff on how to understand web security and take measurements to close the gaps that hackers have come to depend on to deliver their payload.

“The Alliance trainers did an outstanding job of presenting the Acunetix software. They were very knowledgeable and thoroughly walked us through all aspects of the product showing us how to detect many kinds of web vulnerabilities. They took time to answer all of questions we had and all of our participants left feeling that we had learned a lot. It was totally worthwhile for our staff.”
David Bates – GST BOCES

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