Like its Navy counterpart, our ARMADA solution is formidable.

Whether it’s “peacetime” and you only require ARMADA’s IT management components or your business is under attack from cyber-criminals and you need the firepower of ARMADA’s built-in cyber-security arsenal, having a powerful, full-spectrum array of high-impact IT care and protection at your disposal gives you the confidence to do business without IT distractions.

Our ARMADA solution wraps the productivity-focused IT care components of IT management with the brute force of an all-inclusive, cyber-security platform.

To protect your organization against a cyber-attack, you need to deploy a full arsenal of proven technologies that provide layers of protection.

Cyber Security is not a product that you buy off the shelf and plug into your business.

It’s a process and a methodology.

ARMADA employs a powerful array of security solutions, implemented by highly experienced, Cyber Security specialists using best practices.

ARMADA is the most comprehensive, cost effective, Cyber Security and IT management solution for small business on the market today.

Cybersecure IT Management in St Louis

Cyber Boot Camp
Security Awareness Training

NextGen Endpoint Security
Stops Ransomware in its tracks

Managed IT Services in St Louis
IT Management Services in St Louis

Cyber Security
User Testing

Internal Threat Monitoring
Identify Suspicious Activity

IT Management St Louis
Managed IT Services in St Louis

24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Support

Cyber Security Briefing & Business Reviews

Complete IT Services
Secure Network Management Services

Advanced Email Filtering
Stop Zero-Day Viruses

Secure Password and Privileged Access Management

Secure IT Management

Isn’t it Time You Evolved Your Network Security Strategy?

Cyber Threats are growing by the day. Hackers are now targeting small business like low hanging fruit. Small businesses are now paying the ultimate price.

  • $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity each year due to ransomware attacks.
  • 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack.
  • 78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails.
  • 80% of these threats delivered from legitimate, trusted sites.

ARMADA is a cost-effective, cyber-secure, IT Management service for small business.

ARMADA will fortify your business against these Cyber Weapons of Mass Destruction

Secure IT Management Services in St Louis

Don’t be a victim, deploy the ARMADA!

There have been many, highly publicized cyber-attacks in recent years against very large, high profile organizations.

The most vulnerable are small businesses and organizations.


Because they spend far less on Cyber Security than major corporations and are prime targets for cybercriminals.

The global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019.

The ARMADA Arsenal

We deploy cutting-edge technologies in the ARMADA solution to provide the best, cost-effective Cyber Security and IT Management solution available today. (Arsenal may vary based on client’s IT environment and needs.)

Each technology falls under the four pillars of a comprehensive security strategy:

Cybersecurity Services in St Louis


  • Cyber Boot Camp – Your employees are the weakest link in your network security. Cybersecurity Awareness Training will help protect your organization from ransomware, CEO fraud, malware, and more.
  • Cybersecurity User Testing – We continually test users to make sure the training is working and to keep users at DEFCON 1.
  • Quarterly Cybersecurity Briefing and Business Review – Meet quarterly with your vCIO to discuss the status of your network, vulnerabilities and threats, and business objectives and how we can leverage technology to meet them.


  • 24/7 Network Monitoring – Our Network Operations Center will monitor your network 24/7
  • NextGen Endpoint Security – Armada includes the most effective, next-generation end-point security and threat detection system available today. This system closes known vulnerabilities that are inherent in Windows 7 and 10. It monitors your systems for suspicious behavior and analyzes each threat and is able to detect zero-day malware (new malware never seen before) and stops ransomware in its tracks by preventing unauthorized encryption of your data.
  • Email Threat Detection – Inbound and Outbound emails
  • Internal Threat Monitoring – The onsite Armada Detective, will monitor your network for suspicious activity and will notify Alliance and our clients on activity that may warrant further investigation.


  • Patch Management – We’ll keep all your operating systems and most applications patched.
  • Web Content Filtering – Armada will filter websites that are known to be unsafe and ones which have inappropriate content.
  • Network Vulnerability Scans – Alliance will perform regular, thorough scans of the environment to see if any vulnerabilities exist.
  • Help Desk Support – An employee that is having computer issues is a less productive worker. We offer 8/5 and 24/7 help desk support to help end users with any IT related issue they may have so that they can do their job.
  • Advanced Email Filtering – Emails are routed through a cloud-based, email filtering system with sandboxing technology to test threats like zero-day viruses real-time
  • Firewall Management – We will configure your firewall to best protect your network while allowing necessary internet traffic for business operations. We will make sure your firewall’s software is up to date to make sure it’s providing the highest level of security.
  • Anti-Virus Software – Armada includes leading edge antivirus protection for all PC’s and Servers on the network.
  • Application Whitelisting – Alliance will configure your network only to allow company-approved applications to be installed on company systems. Implementing Application Whitelisting will increase the security of your network significantly.
  • Backup Management – The backbone of an effective Cybersecurity Strategy is a solid backup and disaster plan. We will make sure that your data is securely backed up in multiple locations and ready to access in case of a disaster.
  • Anti-Malware Software – We include industry-leading Anti-Malware software which provides four layers of malware crushing technology with smarter detection and specialized ransomware protection.
  • Password Management – Armada includes an encrypted, cloud-based password management portal to manage passwords and privileged access management.


  • NextGen Endpoint Security – If malware gets through all the detection technologies, Armada is prepared to stop malware in its tracks. Based on the malware’s behavior, Armada is able to detect zero-day malware (new malware never seen before) and stops ransomware in its tracks by preventing unauthorized encryption of your data.With Armada’s extensive detection technologies, Alliance is able to respond quickly to any breach to minimize any damage. Our Senior Security Engineers will be able to clean the infected systems and recover any lost data.

Get the leveraged benefits of an entire ARMADA!

  • Round-the-clock Network Protection
  • Access to Certified Security Engineers
  • A Distraction-Free Workplace
  • Meeting All Regulated Security Compliances
  • A more productive workforce


It’s everything your business needs!

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