Football has been around since 1920 and has grown up in many fashions. Recently, NFL partnered with Microsoft to give all their teams a collection of Surface Pros for use before, during, and after games. Although initially hesitant of the change, the leap in technology through Microsoft’s IT services has led to a change in how the game is understood and played by the coaches and the players.


The tablet-PC hybrid gives a huge benefit of mobility to all the players and coaches. A football game is fast-paced and variable. That requires the hardware to be the same. Before the game, players can watch replays of the opposing team. Coaches can grab a Surface Pro, walk over to the quarterback, and show him the last play and why it failed during the game. After the game, players can watch how they played while on the plane.


The NFL has a variety of services they keep track of for the benefit of the teams: Replays, statistics, slow motion, diets, photography of the games, etc. All of these various services integrate within the Surface Pro and give the players and coaches a single portal to perform whatever they need to do at the time.


Many times, a business can be hindered by the uniformity of the hardware and software within the company. Differences between Mac and PC can cause conflict when employees interact with each other. By having everyone under one roof of the Surface Pro, the uniformity can create an easy transition of files and communication between coaches, players, and staff.

The NFL has had great success with the IT services offered by Microsoft. With mobility, strong integration, and uniformity, NFL teams have been able to increase their productivity. This kind of improvement can be seen with companies in general that embrace IT services to grow. Allow Alliance to help you score a touchdown with your goals.

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