Companies can combat a lack of employee awareness about cyber-attacks by offering regular, consistent training, communication, and awareness. A recent study by Wombat Security Technologies reveals some startlingly alarming insights about workers’ awareness of cyber threats. The study indicated that there are large sections of employees who are not aware of the threats from bad actors and

There’s no denying that today information is more accessible and easier to obtain than ever before.  From the internet, tablets, smartphones, and even your laptop information is everywhere and can be accessed from anywhere.  But do we know all the ins and outs of making this “connect from anywhere” information stream work? As a business

How to prevent suffering from malicious misuse of your data – a risk revealed by the recent breach at DocuSign, where hackers impersonated the electronic document company to distribute malware. The DocuSign episode is an example of a multi-stage threat.  In the DocuSign case, the multi-stage threat involves malicious misuse of data assets by hackers.

:Using an App that Actually Helps You Read that Article Later Saving articles to read later is something we do; we save.  But reading the articles we save isn’t something we do as often.  The reason:  organization, or lack thereof.  But with organization comes action.  And the action is prompted by the right app. There

If tomorrow’s headlines read your non-profit organization’s data and donor info was breached, what would be the ramifications?  Are you taking enough appropriate steps to stop cybersecurity threats? Is Your Charitable Organization at Risk? Cybersecurity Tips for Non-Profits Almost weekly, we hear about an internet or computer security breach at a large retailer, bank, or

The Internet has the potential to cause harm to your children and teens, but there aren’t rules and restrictions governing it like we have with other things in our society.  The Internet is like the Wild West—There are very few controls, and it’s not private.  So how do you keep your kids safe online? The

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