Ransomware attacks aren’t slowing down — they’re accelerating, and causing massive disruption throughout the business world. Will your defenses hold against the onslaught?  

You get the news that your business has been the target of a cyberattack. Along with the sinking feeling in your gut, there’s this pervasive thought in the back of your mind: “Why can’t I grab a time machine and go back a few years to beef up our cybersecurity”? While the thought is valid, time machines still haven’t been invented at the time of this writing — so the best you can do is look towards the future! Keeping your business fully protected from the damages caused by a cyberattack starts with a comprehensive review of your current business technology solutions and data sources, and moves on to creating a proactive strategy that will protect your business both now and in the future. Dedicated cybersecurity services, aggressive countermeasures and ongoing training are the best protection against cybercriminals.

Bringing Cybersecurity to the Forefront of Your Business

In the age of digital disruption, cybercriminals are finding increased opportunities to attack your business on a variety of fronts. From a recent study from cybersecurity platform Avanan showing that 1 in 25 emails from known brands such as Amazon, Microsoft and FedEx is a phishing email to the shocking $75 billion that ransomware costs businesses each year, cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind. In fact, ransomware and data breaches are considered the biggest threat to the longevity of small to mid-size businesses . . . period. Bringing cybersecurity to the forefront of your business not only helps maintain a secure infrastructure for your business, but it can also improve operational efficiencies, boosting productivity and even revenue.

Creating a Secure Business Infrastructure

Your telecommunications and data infrastructure are the lodestones of your business operations. Without a high degree of attention to the security of your network and data structures, you might find that you’re on the losing end of a cyberattack. Creating a holistic view of your business includes reviewing all technology platforms and services that you’re currently offering to determine if any vendors or partners are potentially causing vulnerabilities to your system. This means taking the time to draft a strategy that helps consolidate data structures and reduce opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate your organization and work with a trusted IT services partner to implement a cohesive approach to cybersecurity. A comprehensive cybersecurity support structure contains a variety of components:

  • Security awareness training and testing for your staff and contractors
  • Active endpoint security to reduce the risk of ransomware
  • Internal threat monitoring that is capable of identifying suspicious activities and raising an alarm
  • Regular business reviews to redefine priorities and shift resources as needed
  • Advanced filtering for website content and emails
  • Dark web monitoring, which helps quickly identify if there’s been a breach of your sensitive business or client data
  • Secure password and privileged access management

Just as all businesses are different, your cybersecurity professionals may determine that there are additional recommendations for your business to manage compliance requirements or bring your cybersecurity standards up to a specific baseline.

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