Poor Technology Security Exposing Your Nonprofit to Unacceptable Risk?

Your nonprofit likely stores a significant amount of sensitive data. Are you confident that your IT services partner is providing the appropriate level of security? 

Technology Security

Cybercriminals are equal-opportunity offenders when it comes to finding organizations that have funds to pay ransoms or high-quality constituent data. Unfortunately, all of the good works that nonprofits are doing in the world will not save them from becoming a statistic. With the costs associated with cybercrime expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021, there are few nonprofits that could sustain operations while recovering from a brutal cyberattack.

Why is Security so Important for Nonprofits?

As organizations that often handle financial transactions with a limited budget, nonprofits are a prime target for cybercriminals mining for sensitive information. Many nonprofits utilize older systems that are managed by minimal IT staff — and those individuals are often asked to wear multiple hats during their day. This can leave little time available for patching software, ensuring WiFi networks are fully secure and training staff members to stay diligent about potential attacks. When you combine this with the level of high-quality financial and personal information that is often stored within a nonprofit’s database, you have an organization that is ripe for this type of cyberattack.

Identify Protected Data Points

As organizations grow organically, it’s not unusual to find that there are multiple data sources with varying degrees of security. Consolidating these data sources is often a good first step to ensuring that your cybersecurity strategies are applied evenly throughout the organization. If you have a less-than-visible database that is used by only a few individuals within the organization — with a dataset that includes protected personal information — it is vital to your nonprofit’s ongoing security that you review the access points and information stored within.

Obtain Outsourced Cybersecurity Expertise

Whether you work with an external consulting firm to create an ongoing review cycle of your cybersecurity presence or opt to outsource this function to an IT managed services team, obtaining a degree of cybersecurity expertise for your nonprofit is non-negotiable. The community that you serve could be devastated if your organization were not around to provide the ongoing support for their needs, and a major cyberattack could cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks of time before you’re able to return to full operations. This type of setback has a ripple effect, with your nonprofit losing standing in the community as well as falling behind in the support that you can offer to your constituents.

There are enough risks to the solvency of your nonprofit without having to worry about the state of your cybersecurity. When you work with the St. Louis nonprofit security experts at Alliance Technology Partners, you will find peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data and business systems are fully protected. It’s vital that you wring every bit of productivity out of your technology, and our team will help ensure that you’re receiving the full value for your IT spend. Contact Alliance Technology Partners today at 314-279-7876 or fill out our quick online form to learn more about our proactive cybersecurity support for nonprofits in the St. Louis area.