The IT company in St. Louis you work with should provide comprehensive server and computer management services that proactively update, manage and backup your information technology. When issues crop up, they can be resolved remotely before they cause interruptions or downtime.

Nonprofits in St. Louis, Grand Rapids, and everywhere else in the U.S. face challenges like acquiring donors, retaining and sustaining their funding sources, and deciding how to best allocate resources while sticking to their budgets. They also face technology-related challenges. Some aren’t using up-to-date technology solutions, or they aren’t using them securely.

How secure is your nonprofit organization? What can you do to protect your organization better? Alliance Technologies 12 Cybersecurity tips to secure your non-profit.

Is your St. Louis nonprofit organization considering Microsoft Office 365? What questions should you ask before investing in Office 365? Find out here.

An IT environment that’s monitored and managed by IT professionals promotes security. The right IT provider will close the gaps in your security and keep your technology up and running. They’ll ensure that your members’ and donors’ confidential information remains private.

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