When you’re watching March Madness, you may not realize that coaching basketball is a lot like running a business. Coaches and business owners both need strong leadership skills, devotion, commitment, the ability to deal with a range of personalities and a solid work ethic. Business owners and coaches both need to wear many hats to

The St. Louis Cardinals are a team that can teach us a lot about perseverance. In 2013, they came within only two games of winning their 12th World Championship. Even better, in 2011, they did win the World Series, despite many odds against them. They had to get rid of their once All-Star closer after

As a business owner, you often find yourself wearing many hats. It’s your job to come up with the plan, build the framework, find the talent and execute your strategy. Not only that, but you are also in charge of recognizing each employees strong points and utilizing their strengths. Running a business is largely similar

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