Outsourcing Information Technology For Your St. Louis Business?

Information technology is the backbone of any modern business, no matter the industry. The business landscape moves faster than ever before and in order to stay competitive, business leaders need to strategically position technology to streamline processes and drive optimal operations.

More and busier business professionals are realizing the benefits of outsourcing information technology services to a professional provider. However, before making the decision to outsource, businesses should make considerations about the exact kind of information technology services they’re looking for. That’s why we’re on a mission to help you understand how to compare and choose between different technology companies in St. Louis.

The Top Ten Services to Consider When Looking for a Technology Company in St. Louis

Outsourced information technology services are becoming a trusted option for businesses across the globe. However, since outsourcing has become more popular, the market of managed information technology service providers is crowded. It seems that providers are constantly promoting big-hype solutions or ‘all-inclusive’ service packages – even from remote locations. We’re on a mission to remind St. Louis business leaders one important thing – not all that glitters is gold.

If your St. Louis business is thinking about outsourcing information technology management and support, you should start by checking out service providers that are right in your backyard. Even with countless remote providers on the market, the reality is, nothing beats the customized touch that a local service provider can offer.

Additionally, if you’re looking for an information technology company in St. Louis, you should make considerations for the kinds of services you want or need from that provider. We’ve outlined some of the key services your St. Louis business should consider – check them out below.

Here’s the top ten services a strategic St. Louis technology company will offer:

  • Information Technology Security & Compliance

There truly is nothing more important than keeping your business network securely locked down. In an unpredictable and rapidly-changing cyber environment, threats emerge quickly and even the smallest system vulnerabilities can be exploited.

When you make the decision to outsource information technology services, you need to make sure you partner with a St. Louis technology company that understands the critical importance of network security and compliance.

This means choosing a provider who can cover all your information technology security needs including: firewall configuration, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), vulnerability patching, proactive incident response planning, 24/7 networking monitoring, compliance support, and more.

  • Service Integration

Integration of information technology services is a critical component of fostering a competitive and productive business environment. Service integration will help minimize IT errors and provide seamless on-demand service delivery in a secure environment.

  • Strategic Incremental Outsourcing

Businesses are often worried about the financial and security risks associated with outsourcing information technology services to a professional provider. However, this risk can be reduced by dividing outsourced projects into more manageable service-trials.

Basically, incremental outsourcing involves partnering with a service provider on a trial basis by offering them specific project deliverables. These isolated projects are then performed remotely or on-premise. Then, if things go well, you can sign up for more permanent or complete managed services, with the peace of mind that your test-drive went well.

  • Service Level Agreements

This is possibly the most important consideration that your business should make. When you partner with an information technology company in St. Louis, the provider should present you with a service level agreement (SLA). This master-document should include a full outline of the services you’re investing in and clearly detail how the technology company will provide full-scope coverage that meets your business’ information technology needs.

  • Flexible Scalability

In today’s business environment, things can change fast. Growing businesses are often taking on new jobs at a rapid pace, which often means hiring more staff, creating new departments, and more. As a result, business leaders need a flexible and scalable approach to information technology and management.

When you make the decision to outsource information technology services in St. Louis, make sure you choose a provider that knows how important flexible scalability is. They should have a detailed plan for deploying information technology solutions in a way that will promote seamless growth. This way, your company’s information technology infrastructure can easily adapt to changing business conditions and demands.

  • Reputable Experience

While a low price-tag might seem like the most enticing factor, when it comes down to it, nothing beats a good reputation. The fact of the matter is, the defining element of a good reputation is experience. Be sure to choose an information technology provider that has experience providing outsourced services to businesses like yours.

The reality is, you need a provider who is savvy and can think on their feet. You want a provider who can help share their knowledge and empower your team to be tech-savvy themselves. When you make the decision to partner with an established information technology company in St. Louis, you’ll get access to top-of-the-line expertise.

  • Responsive Support & Long-Term Strategy

Your business might think that investing in information technology services is all about having someone to call when you need emergency tech support. While responsive help-desk support is obviously important, you also want a St. Louis technology company that is committed to planning strategically for your business’ future.

Be sure to choose an information technology provider that offers you a unique combination of responsive support and long-term strategic planning. Don’t settle for anything less than an information technology company that is committed to going above-and-beyond to fix your immediate tech troubles and position your network for long-term sustainability.

  • Governance & Best Practices

When you decide to outsource information technology services in St. Louis, make sure you choose a partner who has clear governance policies and procedures available for reference. These policies and procedures should include clear accountability parameters and best practices. This will help ensure you’re getting a thorough commitment from the St. Louis technology company you invest in.

  • Reporting & Analytics

In today’s day and age, reporting and analytics are everything. Information technology reports and analytics can help you and your outsourced partner make more informed decisions when it comes to optimizing your company’s information technology. Be sure to partner with a St. Louis technology provider that delivers regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) reports about network functionality and security. Also, be sure that you’re partnered with a provider that can report to you informally as well, in a language you can understand.

  • Configuration Management

Configuration management is all about keeping a log of all information technology changes and activities. Be sure to connect with a St. Louis technology company that can consolidate service requests and keep you in the loop on project schedules and technical feasibility.

How to Find the Right Information Technology Support in St. Louis

Now that we’ve outlined all the considerations you should make in terms of outsourcing information technology services, the only thing left for you to do is find the right provider. Above all, go into your search with as much information as possible. We’ve put together some final tips and tricks to help guide your search – check them out below.

Here’s a few final tips for finding the right information technology services in St. Louis:

  • Figure out the exact kind of managed services your business needs
  • Survey the different technologies companies in St. Louis
  • Speak directly to different providers and don’t be afraid to ask for references
  • Choose the right Long Island managed services to meet your unique needs

If your business or organization is already on the hunt for information technology management services, we welcome you to reach out to our team of St. Louis information technology specialists anytime. Our team has extensive experience working with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We’re committed to creating customized, scalable, and strategic information technology solutions for every client we work with.

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