New Factory Refurbished HP Z620 and Z820 Workstations in stock this morning! Call 888-891-8885 to order or purchase online (you may have to call as some SKU’s might not be online yet.) REFURBISHED HP WORKSTATIONS

634357R-999-FG2QHP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2609 QC 2.4GHz 2P 500GB SATA 8GB DVDRW NVIDIA NVS 315 Rmkt WS$1,779
634357R-999-FQY4HP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2609 v2 2.5GHz 2P 180GB SSD 32GB DDR3 1866 No-Optical NVIDIA NVS 315 Rmkt WS$2,349
634357R-999-FQC5HP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2620 6X 2.0GHz 2-500GB SATA 4GB DDR3 1866 DVDRW NVIDIA NVS 300 Rmkt WS$1,279
634357R-999-FQV5HP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2643 QC 3.3GHz 256GB SSD 16GB DVDRW Quadro K2000 Rmkt WS$2,749
634357R-999-FQCCHP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2667 6X 2.9GHz 1TB SATA 4GB DVDRW NVIDIA NVS 300 Rmkt WS$3,149
634357R-999-FRDSHP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2670 8X 2.6GHz 600GB SAS 32GB DVDRW Quadro 5000 Rmkt WS$5,199
634357R-999-FQTLHP z620 W7P-64 X E5-2680 v2 2.8GHz 1TB SATA 32GB DDR3 1866 No-Optical Quadro K2000 Rmkt WS$3,949
634361R-999-FQY7HP z820 W7P-64 X E5-2643 QC 3.3GHz 2P 500GB 1TB SATA 64GB DDR3 1866 DVDRW Quadro 600 Rmkt WS$4,349
634361R-999-FQZKHP z820 W7P-64 X E5-2643 QC 3.3GHz 2P 500GB 1TB SATA 64GB DDR3 No-Optical Quadro 600 Rmkt WS$4,299
634361R-999-FGR5HP z820 W7P-64 X E5-2660 8X 2.2GHz 2P 1TB SATA 12GB DVDRW Quadro K2000 Rmkt WS$4,999
634361R-999-FQWDHP z820 W7P-64 X E5-2687W 8X 3.1GHz 2P 256GB SSD 48GB DVDRW AMD FirePro V3900 Rmkt WS$6,729
D8D81UTR#ABAHP z820 W8P/W7P-64 X E5-2643 QC 3.3GHz 1TB SATA 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3 1600 DVDRW Graphics-Less Rmkt WS$2,199


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