Next-Level Help Desk Support for Your IT Team

Keeping your business running smoothly requires quick access to answers when you need them. What’s the escalation path for your current internal IT team?

There is a pervasive issue that is chipping away at revenue for small to mid-size businesses throughout the country, and it’s not something that is generally recognized on your bottom line. Even a short network outage can be extremely costly, with one recent study estimating that IT downtime can cost small businesses upwards of $10,000 per hour. When you consider that the majority of crashes require a minimum of several hours of recovery time, hidden costs can be particularly difficult to estimate — or track. Consider the customer frustration, lack of forward momentum on important projects, time spent in remediation and even the costs associated with bringing an external contractor up-to-speed in the event of a serious technology outage. Each of these factors contributes to these unseen and unmeasured losses. Planning ahead to retain next-level IT help desk support provides a measure of consistency to your operations while protecting your corporation against the risks of IT downtime.

Next-Level Help Desk Support for Your Teams

Your IT team is top-notch, but what happens when they get stuck with a particularly thorny problem? Your IT team has a few options: struggle and stumble through and hopefully hit upon a solution or bring in the big guns — external consultants. Paying by the hour for consulting time can be quite expensive, especially if you need to get access to someone on short notice or after hours to solve an urgent issue. This is one of the reasons that companies are looking for ways to shift the burden of next-level help desk support outside their organization to trusted professionals with expertise in your business vertical and technology platforms.

Quick Access to Assistance Helps Avoid IT Downtime

With customers expecting quick responses to their questions or problems, your teams can no longer afford extended technology outages. Your IT infrastructure must be as secure as possible to reduce the possibility of ransomware or other malware infiltrating your business and causing extended network outages. Having the right resources at hand helps assure that customers and support staff have consistent access to order details, customer data and business systems required to maintain a steady flow of information throughout your business. With human error responsible for a significant portion of network outages, having that second tier of support that is fully conversant with the details of your network may be all you need to get your business back up to speed.

Don’t let your internal teams flounder while they’re waiting for support on more challenging IT issues. When your IT help desk is in trouble, you need quick assistance from knowledgeable professionals. Call on the Armada from Alliance Technology Partners to jump in and maintain a high level of productivity for your staff. Contact us at 314-279-7876 to schedule your free initial consultation or fill out our quick online form to get started. The team at Alliance Technology Partners works with organizations of all sizes throughout the St. Louis and Grand Rapids area and has grown to become the #1 IT services provider by offering exceptional service that is also convenient and affordable.