Financial Edge For Nonprofits Can Help You Streamline Manual Processes

Financial Edge NXT is a cloud accounting software solution from Blackbaud that’s designed specifically for nonprofits. Some of our clients in St. Louis and Grand Rapids use it for financial reporting, monitoring and tracking program success, and supporting their fundraising efforts.

What Is Financial Edge NXT?

It’s an all-in-one complete nonprofit accounting software system that will help you streamline financial processes and ensure the overall integrity of your organization.

What Do We Mean By All-In-One?

Financial Edge NXT provides transparency across your teams, IT security, compliance with regulations, and eliminates the need for many manual processes that can slow down productivity.

It’s a complete fund-accounting solution you can use as a general ledger, for project management, grant and endowments, accounts payable and receivables, fixed assets, banking, and much more.

Is Financial Edge NXT Easy To Use?

It comes with a personalized dashboard and customizable views that help you keep track of and monitor income statements, cash balances, program-to-expense ratios, and other vital metrics.

It offers one-click drill-down functionality and export capability that’s quick and easy to use, as well as a way to effectively monitor accounts and generate reports.

Why Else Should We Consider Financial Edge NXT For Our Nonprofit?

It also offers real-time reporting for data-driven decisions. You can quickly and efficiently access grant and project accounting that allows for streamlined management of your budget.

Plus, it’s backed by Blackbaud’s three decades of experience in the nonprofit market. By using Financial Edge NXT, you’ll save time, increase your staff’s productivity, reduce dependency on manual processes, and improve data entry accuracy.

How Can We Migrate Our Data To Financial Edge NXT?

Using Financial Edge is relatively easy and fast to learn. Migrating your data to any new software solution can be fraught with pitfalls. You don’t want to risk losing any of your data.

We typically migrate our nonprofit clients’ data to new software for them, including Financial Edge NXT. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to do this thoroughly and securely. And, we can help you smoothly transition to this useful software.

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