Non-Profits Can Save Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Through Alliance Technology Partners’ Partnership With Microsoft (Questions/Answers)

Microsoft offers deeply discounted rates on tools and applications to nonprofit organizations worldwide. As a Microsoft Partner, Alliance Technology Partners can help you weed through the eligibility requirements.

Tips to Reinforce your Internet of Things Security

It’s estimated the amount of IoT devices will double within the next five years – and with it, an increased need for better security. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t increase your security risks with IoT devices.

The Importance of a Security Policy

If you’re running a website and you don’t have a security policy in place, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

Eliminate Missing Crawler Information from Scanning Templates

When running a web vulnerability scan, you have to get a good crawl or you’re just wasting time.

Ways You Shouldn’t Handle Your Network Security

There really aren’t a lot of alternatives to getting quality network security measures put in place for your business. There are, however, MANY alternatives when you consider inferior network security. Here are a few things we highly recommend against using when searching for someone to handle your network security. Big Jim Taggart Everybody knows that

Remote Desktop Support vs. Onsite Support: What’s Better?

Thankfully, along came the concept of remote desktop support, and it changed everything for the better! Here’s what it does:

Why Hackers Might Use an SQL Injection to Delete Your Data

As a rule, we like to consider our data safe and secure, free from alteration or deletion. But some people out there may have great motivation to do so, either partially or completely.

Ways An SQL Injection Can Control Your Database

Hackers nowadays are becoming more and more resourceful in figuring out ways to slither past your security measures and feast on your databases. One way they’ve been doing so is through a sneaky tactic called SQL Injection.

How You Can Help Others by Giving Back from Your Computer

In today’s modern day, it’s a lot easier to help our fellow man, thanks to technology. Here are a few examples.

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