How IT Services Changes the NFL

Recently, NFL partnered with Microsoft to give all their teams a collection of Surface Pros for use before, during, and after games. The leap in technology through Microsoft’s IT services has led to a change in how the game is understood and played by the coaches and the players.

Why Sports Organizations Need Managed Security Solutions

As we saw last year with Sony Pictures’ computer systems getting hacked into, no business is immune to cyber crimes. This even goes for sports franchises, which many people forget are businesses. Corporate espionage is alive and well with professional baseball teams, which we saw when the Houston Astros’ internal computer network, which houses details

The Latest Sports Technology Available to Prevent Sports Injuries

Sports technology is not an area commonly thought of when we are talking about the latest high-tech innovations. However, technology is used a great deal in athletics, and now more is being developed to keep players safe and healthy. Sports injuries can be devastating by ending careers and causing lifetime damage to a player’s body.

4 Ways Running a Business is Like Coaching a Basketball Team

When you’re watching March Madness, you may not realize that coaching basketball is a lot like running a business. Coaches and business owners both need strong leadership skills, devotion, commitment, the ability to deal with a range of personalities and a solid work ethic. Business owners and coaches both need to wear many hats to

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Watch Sports

Whether you’re watching a game at a stadium or from the comfort of your own home, convenience and accessibility are crucial to the enjoyment of watching any sport. With 2015 already in gear, there are a few tech trends looking to improve the way you watch your favorite teams in action. Digitized Arenas Imagine sitting

2 Ways Coaching a Football Team is Like Running a Business

As a business owner, you often find yourself wearing many hats. It’s your job to come up with the plan, build the framework, find the talent and execute your strategy. Not only that, but you are also in charge of recognizing each employees strong points and utilizing their strengths. Running a business is largely similar

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