Cybersecurity Training For Large & Small Organizations Across St. Louis

The business technology landscape continues to evolve as hackers become adept at finding loopholes in your security. Are your IT choices placing your business at risk? 

Are you relying on some mythical supercomputer to provide you with all of the cybersecurity support that your business needs? While Hal 9000 might have worked well at first for the crew in 2001: A Space Odyssey, they eventually came to realize that there were some serious flaws with trusting computers with too much power. The same could be said of your cybersecurity; while you want to trust that the systems you put in place will protect your business, there are also significant risks that cannot be managed via systems and software alone. With reports showing that up to 40% of data breaches are caused by employee negligence, it’s imperative that you expand the reach of your cybersecurity awareness training.

Nearly Half of Employees Lack Cybersecurity Training

Are you confident that all of your staff members could pass a cybersecurity test? The challenging issue with phishing emails and other attacks of this nature is that it only takes a single person to make a poor decision to cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. A recent survey conducted by GetApp noted that 43% of employees polled did not receive regular cybersecurity training, while 8% received no training of this type at all. It’s vital that technology teams remain diligent to ensure that each individual who has access to your company email or business systems receives training and fully understands the potential consequences associated with ransomware, malware and phishing. Without this detailed overview and ongoing reminders of the dangers, your business risk can skyrocket — opening you up to major liabilities. Cybercriminals are social media savvy and aren’t afraid to stalk company websites and individual Facebook pages to find just the right individual to target with their attack.

Creating a Proactive Training Schedule for Staff Members

If you are already doing annual training for staff members — great! Unfortunately, that’s simply not enough to keep your business safe. Instead, look for ongoing ways to introduce cybersecurity tactics and awareness into a monthly tip or suggestion to create a continual awareness of the problems that cybercrime presents for the organization. Some topics include:

  • How to protect sensitive company data
  • Creating strong passwords and using advanced authentication
  • Suggestions for avoiding pop-ups and dangerous links in emails
  • Things you should never do on WiFi that isn’t secure (e.g. access your company’s intranet, business data, personal finance sites or social media)
  • How to install security updates on all devices, including personal mobile devices

While not an exhaustive list, these suggestions offer a starting point for ongoing education for your staff members.

The threat landscape continues to expand, leaving your business in a dangerous situation without proper support. At Alliance Technology Partners, our ARMADA security is built into all of our IT services offerings so you can be confident knowing that your business technology is fully supported. Our full spectrum of high-impact IT care and protection allows your business to function smoothly without worrying about technical difficulties derailing your teams. Contact us today at 314-279-7876 to speak with our St. Louis security professionals or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.