Our Armada Solution Now Includes $100,000 USD  With The Option to go to $1 Million Coverage for St. Louis Companies to Prepare for the Worst. Learn More About Our Breach Response and Cyber Insurance Now.

Cybercrime is a very lucrative business with ransomware, theft of intellectual property, and other illicit activities generating a shocking $1.5 TRILLION in annual revenue. Unfortunately, it’s a big business that’s growing fast, and as hackers continue to bring in more money, they’re able to keep refining their techniques – becoming more sophisticated and coordinated with each passing day. Year after year, the statistics surrounding cybercrime get higher.

  • The cost of recovering from a data breach increases
  • The sheer volume of attacks increases
  • The likelihood of falling victim to hackers increases

Alliance Technology Partners is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, processes, and procedures that keep our clients safe. We’ve recently added Breach Response and Cyber Insurance to our Armada solution that already gives you:

Ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and management of your information technology

Built-in cybersecurity protection against a range of threats

Key Coverage and Features of Our Breach Response and Cyber Insurance…

Our Breach Response and Cyber Insurance offering is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared to handle a data breach with $100,000 of cyber liability insurance to protect against costs associated with recovery. Our team will assist with the process of recovery in terms of helping you find, retain, and manage:

  • Forensics


  • Call center


  • Attorneys


  • Crisis management


  • 24/7 breach hotline


A Cyber Insurance Policy Backed by a Carrier Rated A+ by AM Best…

In the event that a data breach results in the unauthorized release of protected personal information, your insurance coverage is backed by a carrier rated A+ by AM Best. The coverage details are as follows:

  • Civil proceeding or investigation including requests for information brought on behalf of any federal, state or foreign governmental agency.
  • PCI re-certification services to re-certify compliance with PCI security standards as needed.
  • Crisis management and fraud prevention expenses, including public relations, call center, notification, forensics, etc.
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