Maintaining your nonprofit’s strategic mission focus is critical and often requires next-generation technology to an executive on objectives. IT managed services providers offer exceptional support and value, with a cost structure that is sustainable for mid-size nonprofits.   Guiding your nonprofit organization to true sustainability while maintaining exceptional mission impact can be a challenging task

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, provide you with an added layer of security for your business systems and sensitive data. Learn how to find the right VPN solution for your unique needs.   If you’re considering adding a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, service to your business infrastructure, you may be overwhelmed looking at the

Microsoft Teams introduces more features for educators, Skype users, freelancers, and more! Make sure you’re taking advantage of them for your business. Microsoft Teams is a social space/messaging service for companies using Office 365.  It’s great for growing companies.  And now, Microsoft has added some new features that increase Teams’ usability for multiple industries. Let’s

Phishing scams like this one are more common than ever – without the right cybersecurity services in Chesterfield, your business will be left vulnerable. You and I know that effective communication with co-workers and clients is crucial, but are you sure your employees are practicing safe email and messaging conduct? If you don’t already have

Nonprofits need tech solutions that work: Here’s how the market is helping out. Technology and NPOs have always had an interesting relationship: Nonprofits tend to be less impressed customer-focused marketing, and less willing to invest in new long-term technology unless the ROI is visible, preferably with a few industry examples to back it up. However,

The Aftermath of the Equifax Hack Do you have a credit report in the US? Then there’s a good chance your private information is now in the hands of hackers. Find out what you need to do now!   Almost everyone in the US with a credit score is now at risk for identity theft.

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